This is the DCA's Classified list of all of the Forbidden and Restricted cards. This list explains both the reasons of why the're banned from Gameplay and what makes them so destructive and what lead to their banned. The creatures are currently destroyed or held captive by the S-Ranks of the DCA, never to be used in Kaijudo Duels, unless the mission calls for it.

Bolmeteus Titanium Dragon
Bolmeteus Titanium Dragon



Mana Cost:


Power Level:



Armored Dragon


Speed Attacker, Power Attacker +3000, Triple Breaker, Destroys Shields it breaks

Reasons for Gameplay Ban:

It's abilities made it extremely hard to overcome,thus it was banned to make gameplay more balanced

Real reason why it was banned:

Titanium Dragon was used to burn down areas of Japan by Kaijudo Duelist, most notable death among them was of Famous Astrounaut Dr. Shotaro inoue

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