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Welcome to the Homepage of the Duel Clash Association, Home to anything and Everything you need to know about the Duel Masters: Kaijudo Generation Series. If you know something that we don't, don't hesitate to put it up, we need all the help we can get so that we can make this the #1 Stop for all of your needs concerning your Favorite Characters and Cards.

Series in Order[]

Below are a list of the Current Duel Masters Stories; If you find one that your interested in, click on the link and you'll be taken to the first chapter of that story.

Duel Masters: Kaijudo Generation- The year is 2015; It's been 4 years since the TCG Duel Masters made a comeback internationally after being mysteriously shut down in 2006. With the TCG taking the world by storm, Virtual Reality technology is created to enhance the experience of the Game. Sixteen Year Old Chrisopher James, "C.J." Henderson is about to dive into the mysterious and exciting world that is Duel Masters.

Duel Masters: Vortex Wars - Shortly after the NYC Duel Circuit, Team KG gets an unexpected surprise from one of their members. To make matters worse, An even greater evil rises, ready to finish what their creation began. Fortunately, with their new allies and access to Stronger cards, such as the unique Cross Gears, Team KG gets ready to head into the Vortex Wars.

Duel Masters: Cross Force - Two Months pass since the final Showdown between Kaijudo Generation and Drake and KG is yet again thrown into another adventure, this time going up against the mysterious NOVA Organization, who is attempting to ressurect the evil monster known as Thanatos, a Creature said to be sealed in the Core of the Kaijin no Sekai. Ending up in the Kaijin no Sekai, after a few confrontations with them, Team KG must reunite with each other while at the same time Keep NOVA's Agents, the Supernovas from obtaining the Catastrophe Gears, which have enough power alone to break Thanatos' Seal...

Duel Masters ZX: Picking up directly where  Cross Force Left off, Join Team KG as they continue to master the ancient art of Cross Over from the Legendary Five Samurai, so that they can combat the Quasar Six, and finally defeat the NOVA Organization once and for all

Spinoff Series/Movie Fics[]

Duel Masters: Trials of the Kaijudo- Join 16 year old Michael Scott and his friends as Team Ryusei (Shooting Star) join the ranks of the DCA Dueling world and compete in their journey to S-Rank, while at the same time investigate the mysterious group of Duelist in posession of mysterious and destructive Artifacts...

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