Kaijudo Art is one of the main elements of the Kaijudo Generation Series. In the anime, Kaijudo is the martial arts involving controlling real-life creatures based in the Duel Masters TCG. In KG, it's similar and yet different. some notable differences such as:

'Electricity' instead of an 'Aura' around the Duelist's hand- In the anime, Kaijudo Duelist are able to demonstrate their skill in this by igniting a flame-like aura around their hands. in KG, It's a lightning-like aura. Almost no different, however compared to the anime, its more frequent and vibrant. (Most of the characters's Lightning is one of the five colors of the civilizations, but others like Team Vortex, have multiple colors, having mastered more than one civilization.)

Levels of Kaijudo Art- Once again, What's different from the anime is that there are more than one level of Kaijudo Art. As of now there are two Known levels. Level 1 is the ability to make the Electricity around your hand Visible to the naked eye, With the assistance of your Dueling Glove, creating a digital copy of it. Level 2 on the other hand indeed summons the creature into the area. Depending on your Physical and Mental Strength, your Kaijudo Art knowledge can be LV1, LV2, or even Higher. S-Ranks are considered Kaijudo Duelist due to their immense knowledge and mastery over the Art.

Somehow one must be in a duel to use Kaijudo Art. Why that is is still unknown to the general public.

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