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Start Date:

March 7th, 2011

End Date:

August 14th, 2011




T (13+)


Action/Adventure, Sci-fi

Duel Masters... the International Phenomenon that took the world by storm in 2002; After being brought back internationally after its initial cancellation in 2006, the trading card game evolved exponentially applying Virtual Reality technology into the mix. Now in 2015, Join a group of teens as they work their way up the leaderboards to become the world's Next Kaijudo Masters!

Plot Summary[]

The Rise of Neo Arc (Season 1), is the first Story Arc in the Kaijudo Generation Series. Sixteen year old C.J. Henderson enters the world of Duel Masters in the Year 2015 as he meets his new friends: Jamie Martin , Jake Wilson, Dylan Rodriguez and Karon Davidson and becomes the 5th member of the Kaijudo Generation (KG) Team. In this arc, the team work their way towards the 50-point Goal that will allow them access to the upcoming Tournament to promote them to C-Rank Status, however a rival team, Team Neo interferes, Taking Jamie's Bolshack Dragon in order to re-create the Legendary Dark Dragon: Neo Bolshack Dragon as their trump card for the Tournament. However, this Dragon has it's own agenda...

Chapter Guide (Rise of Neo) - Season 1 Vortex Wars - (Season 2) →
Rise of Neo (Season 1)
Chapter Number Chapter Title Publish Date
Chapter 1 Next Gen Dueling! Enter: Kaijudo Generation March 7th, 2011
Chapter 2 Surging Waves: The Blazing Princess of Fire March 11th, 2011
Chapter 3 A-Rank Rivals: Team Neo Strikes March 16th, 2011
Chapter 4 Blaze of the Inferno Master March 21th 2011
Chapter 5 Grace of the Fiona Elemental March 29th 2011
Chapter 6 Calm before the Storm April 15th, 2011
Chapter 7 Ancient War: Rise of Neo April 18th, 2011
Chapter 8 Ancient War: Neo Creatures VS Evo Rulers April 25th, 2011
Chapter 9 Ancient War: Fiona's Knight May 20th, 2011
Chapter 10 Shining Metallic Inferno May 22th, 2011
Chapter 11 Teach me how to Kaijudo! June 12th, 2011
Chapter 12 The Flaming Block Rocker June 26th, 2011
Chapter 13 Eternal Rivals July 4th, 2011
Chapter 14 The Agua Chica July 15th, 2011
Chapter 15 NYC Duel Circuit Begins! July 18th, 2011
Chapter 16 Return of the Survivors July 26th, 2011
Chapter 17 Ride of the Wave Strikers August 9th, 2011
Chapter 18 Deadly Silence August 11th, 2011
Chapter 19 Flames of Passion: Return of Neo August 12th, 2011
Chapter 20 [FINAL] When Tomorrow Comes August 14th, 2011