Team Kaijudo Monarch is the Special S-Rank team lead by Jamie's older Brother: Jason Martin, along withShinji Inoue and Riley Stewart. Jason made his first appearance in Duel Masters: Kaijudo Generation Chapter 10, while the ladder 2 made their first Appearances in Duel Masters: Vortex Wars in chapters 8 and 9 respectively. Team KM is Mitchell Roman's top team of Kaijudo Masters who act as his elite squad, taking care of missions that deal from any threat that is imposed on the DCA's Dueling World, from Hybrids causing trouble, to deadlier situations such as the Vortex War incident.

Name Rank Civilization Status
Jason MartinS-RankLight/FireActive
Shinji InoueS-RankWaterActive
Riley StewartS-RankLight/NatureActive
random dudeS-RankDarkness/FireActive
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